Jo Moller

Ostre Kvartergade 1, 1. tv.
DK. 2650 Hvidovre, Copenhagen Denmark

Studio: KIGKURREN 8 T Kld.
DK 2300 Copenhagen S. Denmark

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Angels & Demons (2002)
As a theme “Angels and Demons” is perhaps the oldest in the world. These beings' mutual relationship, and especially their relationship to humankind, has preoccupied us since Sumer and Babylon - and perhaps even earlier, in such cultures as
Atlantis and Mu.

By Finn Terman Frederiksen
Director of Randers Museum of Art.
Jo Moller's "Note-sketches" from India. (1994)
 The artist, Jo Moller travelled to South India in 1993 where he stayed for two months. The purpose of his stay in that faraway part of the world was to re-experience the places in which he spent part of his childhood.

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Introduction "NOTE SKETCHES"
By Jo Moller
My travels in South India. (1994)
On the way towards the city, having just escaped the chaos of the airport, I was exposed to a regular bombardment of smells, sharp light and sound, dust, dirt and filth, strong colors and swarming people.


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Video recording of the Installation
"UNDER ground"

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